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Coaching that will help you clarify your next steps professionally and personally.


I’m Evelyn, and I specialise in Career and Leadership Development for Individuals and Organisations.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Many driven and accomplished people want to excel in their careers, yet feel stuck, lost and uncertain about the way ahead. It can be frustrating to find yourself struggling with:

  • A lack of confidence and self-belief
  • Not knowing how to overcome overwhelm
  • Work-life-home balance and the stress this brings
  • Uncertainty about how to get to the next level

Most leaders know they can have a greater impact with their team and in their work, but struggle with internal challenges when it comes to decision making, communication and speaking their mind with confidence. There are multiple paths to leadership success, but they all start with an understanding of your own unique passions, strengths and your blind spots.

Effective coaching enhances your leadership skills, elevating your overall approach. You gain focus and perspective as you are empowered to lead both others and yourself in transformative ways. The right coach will save you hours of frustration, equip you to lead with focus and impact, and finally, find success and balance in your work and life.

With over 10 years’ experience and working with ambitious and successful professionals and leaders across industries, I help clients shift their mindset and create a strategic plan to continue their professional journeys leading with authenticity, presence and greater impact.





Dr U Schneider

Evelyn has been pivotal in helping me during my transition phase to have a clear vision for my future. I tie this success back to Evelyn’s listening skills which give her the ability to identify the core points (the issue at hand) for further exploration.  Her presence and thoroughness drive the client to achieve his goals. (…make sure that the client achieves his goals)

Senior vice president and Chief Administrative Officer










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