Evelyn Hoggart

Listen – Talk – Inspire

If you’re feeling adrift, disorientated and invisible, I understand. I’ve been there.

I come from a background in HR, having had a successful career covering private, public and third sectors.

At the peak, I worked at HR director level, delivering solutions up to board level. Tapping into the potential of everyone, at every level, was always my focus and what brought me the greatest satisfaction.

Known for being calm, credible and a strong relationship builder, I bring the same client-centred philosophy to my work today.

When I reached my crossroads

I wish I had met a coach at that time, it would have given me the clarity I needed to make an earlier move out of corporate life.

I was questioning whether I could continue on the path I’d chosen.

I was looking for a balance.

I was looking for more fulfilment in my life.

I made the brave decision to step out of my HR career and into the world of further education. Completing a degree in Psychology I also invested in becoming an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation.

I’ve been successfully working with my own clients for over a decade, providing coaching, mentoring and consultancy as well as bespoke workshops. I specialise working with individuals, entrepreneurs, micro business owners, businesses and teams.

Listen – Talk – Inspire

These are the foundations of my client-focused approach. At the heart of everything is the client uncovering their own solutions, opportunities and possibilities. I work with my clients intuitively and holistically, with a level of fun, creativity and always with great curiosity. I ask thoughtful questions, carefully selecting from my repertoire of skills, tools and techniques to help you move quickly to a successful outcome.


When we actually LISTEN with curiosity and have no judgement, we hear what is behind the words…


TALK to someone who understands you, makes it possible for you to start hearing your true voice, and silences your inner critic!


When you Inspire yourself, you break free from self-limiting beliefs and your world opens to all possibilities….

Laila Manji

Evelyn has an incredible ability to listen, cut out the noise and get straight to the challenge, talk through it with clarity (while keeping it fun!), and has inspired me to move forwards both in my professional and personal life.  She has been a huge part of my progress and growth and I would highly recommend her coaching.

Operations Director at Last Word Media