Evelyn Hoggart

Listen – Talk – Inspire

Evelyn is a career and leadership coach, enabling mid-level professionals and entrepreneurs to shine, thrive and inspire as leaders. Developing their leadership style, to lead themselves and others, whilst maintaining their wellbeing, to avoid burnout and boredom.










Dr U Schneider

Evelyn has been pivotal in helping me during my transition phase to have a clear vision for my future. I tie this success back to Evelyn’s listening skills which give her the ability to identify the core points (the issue at hand) for further exploration.  Her presence and thoroughness drive the client to achieve his goals. (…make sure that the client achieves his goals)

Senior vice president and Chief Administrative Officer

Coaching methods

Evelyn offers various coaching models bespoke to the client and may also include models from psychology, positive psychology, positive and emotional intelligence, growth mindset and mindfulness, as well as organisational development.

Specialist areas:

  • Career & Business Transitions
  • Leadership – leading yourself both personally and professionally 
  • Developing your communications style to be effective in all areas 
  • Manging all aspects of your wellbeing

Coaching style

Evelyn’s approach is warm and empathetic, creating a safe space, where clients can explore very quickly, and articulate, the heart of the issue(s). Clients go forward, feeling energised, motivated, and having better autonomy. Evelyn’s insights and observations, and calm challenge, creates a higher level of self-awareness. Evelyn’s approach will support you to develop your action plan, to move you in the direction you wish, allowing you to build your confidence, resilience, and maintain your wellbeing.





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