121 Individual Coaching

I offer 121 coaching to individuals who want to focus on their Career and Leadership. Helping them to move past the obstacles in their life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities, as well as the strategies to support you to create your own career pathway.
Message me to see how I can help you develop a new perspective to achieve the outcomes you are looking for personally and professionally.


121 LTI Career & Leadership Enhancement Programme

A bespoke coaching programme for those who want to excel in their careers and leadership. This is a 12 week programme where we will work on what it is that is causing roadblocks, make the mind shift to smooth transitions that bring further success to your professional journey.

These are some of the areas of focus:

  • Become engaging and inspiring leaders
  • Prepare for their next role, including promotion
  • Setting up your own business
  • Change career direction
  • Developing your CV and Interview skills
  • Plan for life after redundancy/retirement
  • Returning to work
  • Create a better balance between work and home
  • Getting your team on board. Building confidence in you and your teams with effective communications.
  • Want to stand out your own Personal Brand
  • Building stronger professional and personal relationships.
  • Saying No – stop the people pleasing!
  • Be an authentic, present, and engaging leader that is impactful and inspiring!
  • Understanding and aligning with your values
  • Building confidence resilience in you
  • Eradicating Imposter Syndrome
  • Developing the four pillars of Leadership
  • Dealing with change management and conflict!

Wellbeing Programme

A six week programme to help you improve your wellbeing, create a balance in life and work, overcome overwhelm

If you looking to have a more positive mindset which enables new clarity and awareness, bringing new possibilities to improve your wellbeing, relationships, and resourcefulness in all aspects of your life.

Anotnella Capizzi ACC Chartered-MCOPD, MA-HRM, MSSC

Evelyn is an incredible coach: she is warm, welcoming, empowering and intuitive. She listens carefully and beyond your words and with her questions and insights she is able to bring you to a higher level of self-awareness.  It has been great luck for me to be coached by her at this particular time of my professional and personal journey.  Evelyn came to each coaching session open to listen with authentic interest, with her heart focused on my development, never having an agenda and always open to work on my specific agenda and needs.   She is non-judgmental and highly encouraging, and she reflects back to you your strengths in a really empowering manner.

Evelyn reminded me the importance of being fully present in the moment, and most of all in the real power of simple, direct open ended questions. Also she taught me the importance to trust your intuition when you coach a client, something she did extremely well with me, and to fearlessly share feedback and insights with the client.

Senior leadership Development Consultant, Executive Coach ACC, ICF. WA Chapter Board Member