In today’s working landscape it is essential to identify how to tap into potential and build on existing talent, so that your people feel motivated, valued, inspired, and see a long-term future with your organisation. Investing in employees and leaders, so that they are better skilled, allows them to continue to thrive, which is paramount to the future success of the organisation.

Coaching and training will support and develop your employees. Through increased motivation and engagement. This will encourage them to progress within the organisation, to become confident leaders, effective communicators, and becoming role models to inspire others within the organisation.

Coaching will help build resilience and through identifying risk factors, reduce burnout.

These outcomes are not only beneficial to your personnel but will reduce staff turnover and improve  success for the business.


Organisational coaching programme

Some areas to consider for organisational coaching:

  • Improving communications with peers and teams
  • Delegation why it’s important
  • Leadership Styles including Accountability, Earned Trust, and Conflict Management
  • SWOT Analysis to help develop individuals
  • Preparing for promotion – transition coaching
  • Resilience and Confidence Building
  • Wellbeing vs. Burnout
  • Getting things done – time management and team work
  • Overcoming overwhelm
  • Inspire and sustain change within the organisation
  • Outplacements – redundancy and preparing for a new future.

Leadership Programme designed for your newly appointed Heads of Department, Partners, Directors, Senior Managers, C-Suite and High Potentials in the organisation


The New Leaders programme – 12 week programme
A programme for employees transitioning to a senior role within the organisation.

This bespoke programme will give you the opportunity to focus on developing your leadership skills in a three step process; Discover – Design – Direct

The programme includes 121 coaching and training that could cover some of the following:

  • A gap analysis to understanding current strengths and to identify any training that may be required
  • What are the blockers to a smooth transition
  • How to conduct yourself in your new role
  • Developing a leadership style and effective communications (Including active listening and power of language)
  • Understanding the four pillars of leadership: Purposeful Meaning, Earned Trust, Healthy Conflict and Accountability from theory to practice.
  • Inspire as well as lead your team with confidence.
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Wellbeing and balance
  • Focus
  • Goal Setting (either 6- or 12-month professional plan)
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Networking
  • Peer to Peer level setting
  • How to Inspire and sustain change within the organisation

There will be time at each session to address anything that you wish to work on within your new role.

Leadership Programme on-going

This programme will build on all that is delivered in The New Leader programme with monthly 121 leadership coaching, where any issues can be addressed.

This often includes:

  • Continued support beyond the transition process on any issues you wish to work on
  • Ongoing development of your personal and professional skillsets.
  • How to develop your team
  • How to identify future leaders

Anne Clarke 

Redwood Clarke Ltd have been working with Evelyn Hoggart and we have found her help invaluable. Evelyn really listens to her clients and has helped us to explore opportunities and make decisions that have benefited our business. Quite often we have found that Evelyn’s questions have led us to find our own answers to challenges that we face. We always leave a session with Evelyn feeling inspired and motivated with plenty of ideas to discuss and implement. We would have no hesitation in recommending Evelyn.

Director at Redwood Clarke