Alan McFarlane

One aspect of Evelyn’s coaching that I have enjoyed is her playfulness. This “keeping things light “and allowing me to be creative has opened up many possibilities in the way I move forward with some of the more significant aspects to my personal development. 

Finally, Evelyn has helped me to find my own way of dealing with some of my challenges by helping me to recognise the nature of these challenges and enabling me to form a structured and incremental way of dealing with them.

My coaching process with Evelyn was extremely useful in helping me discover deep insights and develop strategies to continue to improve my professional effectiveness. Evelyn has notable strengths as a coach, quickly establishing trust and rapport through her warm, positive, and engaging manner, acutely noticing and reflecting how I was at key moments, changing my perspective with clear and perfectly pitched questions, and helping me focus “in the moment” on critical matters that produced significant transformational shifts during the sessions themselves. Our work together always produced “a little bit of magic! and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.

Executive Coach and Change Management Expert The mc Farlane Partnership

Anotnella Capizzi ACC Chartered-MCOPD, MA-HRM, MSSC

Evelyn is an incredible coach: she is warm, welcoming, empowering and intuitive. She listens carefully and beyond your words and with her questions and insights she is able to bring you to a higher level of self-awareness.  It has been great luck for me to be coached by her at this particular time of my professional and personal journey.  Evelyn came to each coaching session open to listen with authentic interest, with her heart focused on my development, never having an agenda and always open to work on my specific agenda and needs.   She is non-judgmental and highly encouraging, and she reflects back to you your strengths in a really empowering manner.

Evelyn reminded me the importance of being fully present in the moment, and most of all in the real power of simple, direct open ended questions. Also she taught me the importance to trust your intuition when you coach a client, something she did extremely well with me, and to fearlessly share feedback and insights with the client.

Senior leadership Development Consultant, Executive Coach ACC, ICF. WA Chapter Board Member

Siobhan Soraghan

Evelyn is a fabulously talented coach, treading an elegant balance between listening and intervening, intuitively knowing how to connect and link the emergent issues to revel empowering insights, while conveying unfailing faith in her clients ability to fulfil their potential.   I have experienced her sterling support myself and as an experienced coach would recommend her most highly. 

Master Coach of leaders and top teams: Facilitator: Speaker, Author, and and Director of Active Insight

Eva Najberg

Evelyn brings to her coaching a wonderful mix of warmth and non-judgemental support, balanced with rigor and constructive challenge and informed by extensive knowledge of psychological and business models. She helped me to get clear on some knotty issues, to identify the steps I needed to take and to get started on turning the situation around.  Evelyn is a great coach.


Lisa Holliday 

Evelyn is an excellent trainer and coach; I found her time management course extremely useful and came away from the day feeling very positive and focused. I would highly recommend one of her courses and I look forward to working with her again.

Personal Travel Consultant at Hays Travel

Anne Clarke 

Redwood Clarke Ltd have been working with Evelyn Hoggart and we have found her help invaluable. Evelyn really listens to her clients and has helped us to explore opportunities and make decisions that have benefited our business. Quite often we have found that Evelyn’s questions have led us to find our own answers to challenges that we face. We always leave a session with Evelyn feeling inspired and motivated with plenty of ideas to discuss and implement. We would have no hesitation in recommending Evelyn.

Director at Redwood Clarke

Wibke Baumann 

Evelyn is an empathic Coach and an attentive listener and creates a safe coaching environment that made it easy for me to open up and explore my topics without reservations. She has a great balance between focussing on the “what” and the “who” which allowed us as much to explore and develop actions and strategies as to dive under the surface in exploring my topics. I benefited from her intuitiveness which allowed her to ask, probe where needed and share resonating observations. I liked, that she kept the process clean and focused on my set objectives, checking back with me and making sure that neither insights nor action items got lost on the way.

Laura Brescia 

How would you describe Evelyn’s coaching style? Evelyn has a warm personality: she is empathic and always positive.  Thanks to her exquisite listening and questioning skills she helped me unravel some complicated issues and define clearer goals and plans. 

What did Evelyn do which worked particularly well for you? Sessions have a good level of exploration and helped me bring some deep issues to the surface: by naming these issues I could then find ways to overcome them. Also, Evelyn used some challenging questions where appropriate: by feeling a bit uncomfortable I found the resources to visualize solutions and make plans to move forward,

What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by Evelyn? I learned that I can easily get in my way. I tend to make things more complicated than what they really are and then I use this excuse not to move forward. Evelyn helped me stay focused on key priorities and take things step by step.

Mark Lindsay

I have been fortunate enough to work with Evelyn as my coach on quite a few occasions. The first thing that struck me about her was her ability to really listen, without judgement, to some of the challenges I face. This skill of really listening allowed me to feel comfortable and explore in depth, a way to tackle some of the issues I face. 

In addition, I feel that Evelyn is able to form trusting relationships with people quite quickly and through the skill l of listening is able to ask insightful questions that lead to people finding their own solutions to their challenges. This has raised my self-awareness significantly.

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