The power of finding your own words

On a personal level, a change in life can radically change the way you see yourself and the way you present yourself to the world. How you say something is as important as what you say and subtle change in the way you phrase your thoughts can diffuse difficult situations, deepen relationships and bolter your self-image.

I help clients to hear their true voice and build confidence in delivering their message.

Say what you want to say.
Say what you want to happen.
Say what you mean to say.

Some of the key areas I can help you with:

Written and spoken presentations.

Listening skills.

CV and interview skills.

Saying no.


Building stronger professional and personal relationships through communication.

Being perfect vs being present.






‘Words lost in translation can turn into the seeds that grow unintentional fruit.’

Speaking clearly, speaking intentionally

In a corporate setting, lack of assertiveness can lead to misunderstandings, a poor working environment and loss of talent. On the flip side, misplaced empathy can lead to the same situation. Finding harmony and balance is key and with a broad corporate background behind me, I can guide you and your organisation to a place of better understanding and sharing.

If you are an individual, entrepreneur, micro business owner, part of a team or leading a team and you want to feel confident with your delivery then let’s work together to find ways to becoming an effective communicator.

Wibke Baumann 

Evelyn is an empathic Coach and an attentive listener and creates a safe coaching environment that made it easy for me to open up and explore my topics without reservations. She has a great balance between focussing on the “what” and the “who” which allowed us as much to explore and develop actions and strategies as to dive under the surface in exploring my topics. I benefited from her intuitiveness which allowed her to ask, probe where needed and share resonating observations. I liked, that she kept the process clean and focused on my set objectives, checking back with me and making sure that neither insights nor action items got lost on the way.