Evelyn Hoggart – Listen – Talk – Inspire provides coaching, mentoring, consultancy and bespoke workshops for individuals and organisations.

Hello, I’m Evelyn, and I love to inspire confidence in creating your own authentic individualism and uniqueness.

I work with clients to smooth transitions through significant changes in life, both professionally and personally. When you find yourself stuck or at a crossroads, I take a holistic approach to make sure you move forward and get the positive outcome you’re looking for.

I’ll help you to gain better self-awareness and deeper insights into your patterns of behaviour, working, and communication styles. By creating a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space to improve your mindset, I bring you to a greater appreciation of your individuality, uniqueness, and true potential.

We’ve all experienced significant changes in our lives and I know it’s easy to find yourself lost, not sure of which direction to take, and not sure of what to do next.










How I can help

From the outset, our relationship is built on trust and a good rapport. We work at your pace to discover creative solutions and strategies unique to you. The focus is real, tangible, and improved outcomes for your future.

When you start to shift from thinking to knowing, that’s when you’ll start to alter direction and make a positive change.

Message me, Evelyn, to talk about how we can work together.





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Dr U Schneider

Evelyn has been pivotal in helping me during my transition phase to have a clear vision for my future. I tie this success back to Evelyn’s listening skills which give her the ability to identify the core points (the issue at hand) for further exploration.  Her presence and thoroughness drive the client to achieve his goals. (…make sure that the client achieves his goals)

Senior vice president and Chief Administrative Officer