Last week saw the end of June, we also officially reached Summer season, and most importantly we completed 100 days of Lockdown!

For me, the time traveled quickly and made me think about the next 100 days!  It reminded me of my work with clients who found themselves stuck or not able to find a way forward with their goals and have procrastinated, leaving them frustrated that their project has not even got off the ground.  With this often being presented, I founded the 100-day challenge programme that creates focus and flow, enabling clients to achieve positive outcomes; like my client who went from being stuck for 5 years writing a book to being published in 100 days!  It is wonderful to witness when individuals get brilliant results within this is timeframe.

100 days from 1st July will be around the 8th of October, and as we ease into our ‘new-new’, my question to you is, what do you want to achieve in the next 100 days?

What would you like to happen? I leave this open to you… It could be business, career, your personal and/or professional development, or is it something else, such as family, friends, or self-care?  What do you want to see completed, what do you want to do?

If you are not clear, or there is no immediate answer, do not panic or grow anxious. Instead, for the first few days of your new 100, take a few minutes each day to reflect, review, evaluate and ask yourself, what do I want? Where am I right now? What would I like to happen? What do I want to achieve by 8th October 2020?  Create a vision of how it would feel if you achieved it or got closer to success.  Remember goals are set in concrete and dates in the sand, the key is you have started your journey which is significant to you.

No matter how big or small, you can do it! Create a plan of action. What do you require, who can support you, what could get in the way? Have a vision. Pictures, boards, keep a journal! It will allow you to focus on. Most importantly, remember to have fun. Enjoy the process, it will make it easier to keep with the flow and reach your goal.

I would love to hear about your 100-day challenge. How can we travel together in the next 100 days and how can I support you achieving this?

Evelyn Hoggart #ListenTalkInspire

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