Who or what inspires you?

The answer to that may not be as obvious as you think.
Inspiration is powerful and can profoundly transform the thought processes needed to recognise our abilities, in my experience, it very often comes from very everyday experiences, people and conversations.
It may be an instant awareness that stops you in your tracks with an ‘Aha!’ moment to spur you to do something immediately or an idea that you may have procrastinated about. It might be a solution that had not come to mind before. A moment of insight can spark new ideas, a different viewpoint and a new way of thinking.
Then this process may have started a while ago. The seed of inspiration will have registered gently internally and then lay dormant until ready to germinate when the time is right.
Equally, your actions can make a positive impression that ultimately motivates, encourages, and inspires other people! We all continuously help others to go further even though sometimes we may never know how we played an important part in their life to inspire them.

Our natural timely insights

If we take time to pause and explore, we will find our unsung heroes: the times that ((un)consciously) caused the tectonic shifts needed to help us move forward. When the time is right, these significant moments are always there, acting as a catalyst no matter how small they may be to spark our imagination. This may lead us to develop an idea or to forge new paths in different ways, helping create a positive mindset, stronger determination, creativity, and solution orientation. It doesn’t need to have been conscious new learning, but it ultimately inspired us, often turning our fears to hope like the flick of a switch.
I am constantly inspired by so many things that happen and have happened throughout my life, they spur my creativity. These things motivate me, which is an important step when you need to push yourself to go forward. When you get those wobbly moments of uncertainty, take time to rediscover those flashes of brilliance to boost your resolve.

Stop, look, listen.

If you’re looking for illumination, know that the tiny flame may already be there. Take time to pause, look closely and if need be, dig deep to find it. Still, yourself and pay attention: the enlightenment you’re looking for may come from within.
Who are your cheerleaders? What are those conversation pieces, snapshot moments and memories that are all quietly catalogued within you? They are wonderful insights waiting to be sparked and kick-started by you!
In return, they will enable you to start feeling optimistic, find resolutions, eradicate (self) doubt, and strengthen determination. This will allow the ‘I can’ mindset to resurface, encouraging you to press on and move out of your comfort zone to the stretch zone.


I would love to hear, what inspires you?

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