Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated! (Osho)

This is a great reminder that Life should be lived and loved to the full, celebrate everything not only monumental achievements, special milestones, or great events in our lives – celebrate everything!

Each day is a wonderful experience! No matter how good or bad it may have been, we should celebrate the day! As we continue to learn more about gratitude, and how it can create a positive effect on our lives and wellbeing, we should be grateful for each day.

Like many, by the end of the day, our attention normally falls on to what we didn’t get right. Equally when we get it right, we may question why and put it down to luck, believing next time we may not be so ‘lucky’. These feelings are those of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and can be experienced equally by men and women.

We look inwardly, start to overthink and over analyse our situation(s).We judge ourselves harshly, and can be drawn into the ‘negative dragon arena’ with our inner critic. That leaves us feeling alone, filled with self-doubt and concerns. We can lose sight of our true abilities and self-worth. We focus on the negative rather than the joy of living the day. Each day we actually succeed; it’s for us to realise it!

As Eckhart Tolle explains in The Power of Now, we can only be in the present moment, we have no control on events yesterday or tomorrow because they are the past and future! Therefore, we have to focus on our present – today!

Each day is a sequence of moments, and if we are mindful of this then we live to experience one moment after the other, good, or bad. Being present is far more important than being perfect! If we always strive for perfection, then what have we missed in our life?

We get more things right than we believe yet we cannot get everything right! This is part of our unique journey in life. Mistakes happen, rather than give the negative dragon any time, we can then see this as an opportunity for our personal and professional development. Allowing us to evaluate our situation more objectively in order to, reset our mindset, re-think, reflect, ask for support (if required), reposition our stance to enable us to strengthen our skills, resulting in finding new ways forward. This ultimately, makes us realise we are all on a continuous life-long learning journey.

To Summarise:

1. Life is a sequence of moments, that make one day at a time, you can’t get everything right, then again you can’t get everything wrong!
2. Enjoy each moment, strive to be present not perfect!
3. **You are never alone, there is always support available.
4. Embrace good and bad moments, become enlightened from them.
5. Don’t wait to celebrate special moments, celebrate each day!

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* Reaching out to others who have had similar experiences and someone you can trust and will not judge and want to support you.
There are also several helplines, the NHS have a valuable helpline listing an A-Z of support:

Eckart Tolle:

The Power of Now

This article was first published by Freeths LLP in their magazine Freeth Spirit Spring 2021 edition   date first published 1st April 2021

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