Fifty new things in a year!

This year I decided that I would do 50 new things in the next 12 months, something to stretch me, test my capabilities and learn or improve new skills!
Since January, I have completed a knitted blanket a project well overdue for completion) then pastry making, a lattice pie, and a cake that looked like the picture (and succeeded). I have made jam but never marmalade, so in January, Seville oranges were purchased for said task!
What was so interesting for me, in the course of making marmalade was that I had to remain with it whilst it developed from a mass of oranges, water, and sugar to a refined product.
I can see you are thinking where is this going? Relax we will get there!

Metamorphosis of colour

I had to look at the detail, watch the metamorphosis of colour from that of orange liquid to that of beautiful amber sunset, plus the smell of oranges to a confectionary aroma. Quietly listening to the sound of bubbling hot liquid, not wanting to miss anything so all ended well. Staying with the process, meant I had to be completely involved and only after I had finished, I came to realise, I zoned into a mindful space of instinctively relying on my senses to support me to complete the job. The wonderful revelation of the connection of body and mind working in tangent, in collaboration at conscious and unconscious levels! Anything else that had been on my mind had been carefully parked so I could concentrate on said task. And yes, the end product was successful, making the learning even greater!
Mindfulness and meditation are wonderful and allow you to take quiet time away from your busy life and centre inwardly, to restore you! The process of making marmalade is a great example of how you can really take yourself away from everything and escape to a place of complete stillness and tranquillity. I am not saying all of you should turn to making marmalade, however if you find taking time out challenging and are not able to find stillness through mindfulness or meditation practices, then find something that resonates for you. An activity that allows you to zone into a space of calmness, to reset and re energise, and to help you truly connect with yourself.

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