How often do you find yourself looking for an item that you urgently require, but cannot find? Then, when you are not looking, there it is! Often we find ourselves in a mental block, unable to find a solution until that is, the solution is no longer relevant!

This reminds me of a story about a grandmother and her 3-year-old grandchild out for a Sunday drive to the countryside. During the journey, the two were talking about where they were going and what they were going to do. Both delighted with excitement they were enjoying their drive. The child then turned to her grandmother; ‘when are we going to see the fallen ship?’ The grandmother thought to herself for a moment. What could she possibly mean fallen ship? We’re miles from the water… Unsure about what her granddaughter meant, she tried to change the subject… But, the child continued to ask. “Nanny, when are we going to see the fallen ship?” Each time becoming more and more upset. The grandmother could not see or understand what the child was asking, so confidently announced ‘there is no ship to be seen ‘ the child became quiet. They both spent the rest of their journey frustrated.

A few days later the grandmother realised that her granddaughter had seen a road sign for a speed camera! The grandmother had seen it according to the ‘highway code’ whereas the child believed what she saw.

Now look at the sign – is it a ‘Speed camera’ or a ‘Fallen Ship’?

There is no right answer – it is what you see.

We have been conditioned to believe we are right, and if others don’t see what we see, we will try to prove how right we are and how wrong they are! Children, with their endless imagination, can see so much more than right from wrong. We see a road sign, but because they don’t know what the sign means, it can be whatever they want, a ship, a phone, they can freely imagine what it could be rather than what it is.

I encourage everyone to think about what the things around us could be, rather than what they are. How wonderful would it be if we could see something different, a new perspective, a new outlook? 

This can bring new discussions or solutions, creating more options and opportunities, ultimately a new way of learning, making decisions and taking directions, to work around, and through mental blocks. Consider the phrase ‘think outside the box. What if there were no box? Solutions can be found all over if we keep our minds open!

Step away from what you know to be right and welcome a different view – Experience, see, learn and rediscover, it may help you with the unexpected!

Evelyn Hoggart #Listen #Talk #Inspire   

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