Lockdown has brought on a ‘Groundhog Day’ feel for many people, during which each day blends seamlessly into the last.  Time slips away almost unnoticed; in what feels like the blink of an eye, three weeks have turned into six.

Conditions like these can wreak havoc on the most carefully crafted routines, because the ‘usual’ rules of balance and wellbeing no longer apply.  When there is no need to get up for work or school at a specific time; when there is no pressing need to make ourselves look presentable, and no reason to go to bed early anymore, each day can feel long, aimless, and strangely exhausting.

Meanwhile, our homes have suddenly become much more than a sanctuary to retreat where we could close the door to our outside daily life.  Our home now accommodates many more things that are in our daily lives from work to school to room for relaxation classes fitness routines and gyms and many other things.  Our live-in companions from loved ones to ‘flatmates have gone from the people we see for a few snatched hours every day, to being under our feet all the time.

Currently many tell me of feelings of being ‘zoomed out’ because a lot of our daily life routines are being conducted and supported by online presence.

All of this means we must clearly define time, space, and routines to create new boundaries in our home, allowing equilibriums for everyone and continues to support wellbeing.

Space: Create dedicated places for work, rest, and play

This is all about creating small zones in your home, so your days won’t feel hazy and muddled.

For example, have a space for relaxation or fitness and this is a different space from work or home schooling.  Naturally, home space can be limited, and it can be moving from one room to another or sitting on different chairs when making calls to family or business colleagues.

Time: Divide each day into time zones

It is important to continue with routine. This way it feels less like the day came and went, and more like you did something filling. You’ll spend less of your time thinking; what did I do?! That being said, it is okay to take time out to support yourselg. Getting up at the same time each day and going to sleep at the same time each evening will help your routine to ‘set’ (Create a new daily routines, that can include family time, work time, learning time, couple time, exercise time, reading time, meditation time… whichever combination you will benefit from the most!)

One last thing: as you draw up your new Space & Time Zones please don’t forget to be kind to yourself.  Include plenty of room for ‘you’ time, in which you can focus on recharging.

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