Last weekend two articles in the Sunday supplements caught my attention:

‘The Housewife who Started a Revolution’ – Sunday Times Magazine 21st February 2021

‘Kate – we have to move forward’ The Observer Magazine 21st February 2021

Time to re-think the title!

The articles were about Kate Winslet and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, both in their own way inspiring individuals by leading with purpose and wanting to make radical changes for the better.
The titles felt different! As someone who is working with people to find their authentic individuality and uniqueness, why in 2021 are we still categorising and labelling people in this way? Is it necessary to start the article with ‘The Housewife’ why not by her first name?

Stay at home mum…

The article then continues with the sub title ‘..went from stay-at-home mum to leader…’. We are all leaders; yes, all of us are leaders! Why are we not developing and threading this more into our thinking, talking and learning, acceptance that we are more than the label?!
When we find true purpose, meaning and belonging we may stand out more because we are creating a platform for our audience, community, and country to hear our messages. We find courage and through our voice we give hope.

An obvious bias

I see a bias when it comes to women and young people, those with learning difficulties, or physical, emotional, and mental health issues. Those attributes and challenges, above all, will always be highlighted first, and it is deemed acceptable to have this commentary. We have to learn to stop categorising and see the person as a unique individual, who is doing something that is attracting our attention. In this way we can see beyond the label, become better informed and start using better vocabulary to break down our so called ‘normal model thinking’ to embrace individuality, our uniqueness and independent thinking!

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