Stop! To keep moving!

How often have you felt frustrated when things are not going smoothly, and your outcomes are quite in reach? ‘You can’t see the wood from the trees!’
Time seems to go even faster and deadlines even closer and completion seems even more upstream! Solutions to issues/projects seem out of sight!

Sound familiar?

At this point things feel beyond frustration, motivation is running thin and even procrastination may be wanting to enter at this juncture?
Stop! This is the time to have a breakaway from whatever it is that absorbing you and you feel you are not going forward.
I know, easy for me to say, I am not in your shoes – and yet I know because I have been there – challenges, expended energy and travelling no where except to limbo land and doubting my abilities!

At this point I stop in my tracks and consider the following:

  • Review – where am I right now, how far am in the current situation.
  • Reflect – looking ihe situation, and really exploring what have I completed, what am I learning? What small steps can be taken to start feeling energised, motivated? Can I be doing something else whilst I am not finding solutions? Why am I stuck/not enjoying this part of my journey? Who can I brainstorm with? Who can I ask for support? The reflect is much of your eyes on where you are and taking the ‘fresh eye approach’.
  • And I do have to ask myself –when things are not working out, looking at my inner self, and ask, ‘am I trying too hard?’, or ‘am I in the ‘hurry up mode?’ Which I am very prone too, this serves no purpose to moving forward. Slow, steady, small steps make better headway!
  • Is it time to redefine your objective, is there enough clarity as to why you are doing it (and what the outcome will be? (Do you know its true Purpose and/or Meaning? And is it a question of going back to basics or the drawing board)
  • Do you need to stop and start again, like a fisherman when nothing is being caught, the action is to cast again to re-direct the line?
  • And are you spending so much time with this that you are exhausted and need to re-energise?

At this stage, it is not about blaming or feeling disheartened or even guilty! Actually, when you take time to stop, it’s time to applaud yourself for taking positive action! To move forward we simply have to breakaway for a period of time to go forward. Simple steps like taking a walk, or making time to talk, having a cuppa are things that may help you find a way to move forward.

Time to Stop, take a breather to re-vitalise and re-focus and suddenly there is no wood, no trees, only solutions – a new route map to start moving to go forward, the end is in sight!

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